K2 VO2 S 90 Pro Men's Inline Skates

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Product Overview

The new VO2 S 90 Pro is ideal for athletes looking to supplement their training with inline skating and are looking for a higher-performing model than a fitness category skate. This Original K2 SoftBoot design is complemented by the VO2 Cuff for the support needed for higher-speed skating. Comfort and breathability for those long sessions are brought by the integrated Vortech Ventilation System, a 3-part system for keeping feet cool and dry on intense training sessions by channeling air through the base, footbed and upper. The VO2 S 90 is built upon the VO2 S frame - a single-sided, extruded and machined aluminum frame - designed to house larger wheels. Speaking of wheels, the VO2 S 90 Pro features four 90mm wheels with premium ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings for a smooth, high-speed experience.