K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro Inline Skates

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Product Overview

Delivering more for those who take their fitness seriously! The F.I.T. 84 Pro is designed for the fitness skater, with power transfer and stability at front of mind. This season we've completely updated the F.I.T. 84 Pro's upper now featuring a new engineered mesh for maximum comfort, breathability and a modern, athletic look. The responsive Stamped Aluminum Frame allows for excellent acceleration and speed, while the Original K2 SoftBoot paired with the Stability Plus Cuff provide ample support and all-day comfort. Lacing up these skates couldn't be easier thanks to the Speed Lacing system providing a secure fit with a single pull. Finally, 84mm wheels with ILQ-5 bearings are sure to bring the speed to your next skate session.