About Us

Welcome to the About Us section.
I'm sure you want to know all about Alpine Ski Shop and how we became "The Store" in Loudoun and Fairfax County for all things Action Sports & Lifestyle. The truth is we didn't jump on the Ski, Skate, Snowboard and Tennis Bandwagon - we've been driving it since day one. Alpine Ski Shop began in 1971 when founder Eddie Bunch wanted to start a store that catered to the growing Skiing population in Northern Virginia. His idea was to have a great ski shop that had a knowledgeable staff that actually used the products they were selling, had fair prices, and was on the forefront of all that was new and cool in the snow industry. Eddie's vision has lived in a few locations from Tysons Corner in 1971 to Oakton, Virginia in 1974, where it kept on growing.
In 1994, Eddie's sons Chris and Tyler Bunch took over the day to day operations of the store. The Bunch Brothers grew Alpine in those first years bringing in snowboards, skateboards and inline skates to become a Four Season shop. Gradually Chris and Tyler began to concentrate their efforts on their new Sterling location. Within a few months, Alpine had become a destination for skiers and riders inside and outside the Capital Beltway. In recent years the brothers have become involved in local communities sponsoring youth hockey leagues, skate park activism, and putting on events to ensure that the local skate, ski and snowboard community always has a gathering point in Northern Virginia.
So now that you know who we are, come in and visit our locations in either Fairfax Circle or Sterling, VA - you won't be disappointed. Our employees snowboard, ski and skate. We use the products we sell on the slopes and streets so that we can pass that information on to you. Our goal is to make sure you are having the most fun possible and if Alpine can help put a smile on your face, then we've done our job.