Lib Tech Doughboy Snowboard 2025

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The Doughboy was created in the late 80s by Mike Olson when snowboarding was still rapidly evolving, and no one knew where we were headed except Jamie Lynn. Mike's concept was a longer camber board on a fixed width stance would provide a smoother ride through rough terrain, float incredibly in powder and the big tips and tails would carve into beautiful arcs on hardpack and ice... he was right! This thing looks a bit intimidating, but it rides like a magical freestyle dream from an alternative universe... the inside of Mike's mind... our friend Chauncy launches progressive spin missions of this platform on the daily. All the good stuff is built in... eco sublimated TNT fast & Low maintenance base, Aspen Paulownia core, rugged UHMW sidewalls and tip and tail and our new light, strong, Magesium Techno fiber band glass and carbon reinforcement keep this boy poppin.