Capita Birds of a Feather Women's Snowboard 2024

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Product Overview

A technical adaptation of the best-selling D.O.A. series, the Birds of a Feather offers the legendary performance of one of the
most sought-after snowboards in the world, replicated into flex patterns and geometric sizing to meet women's riding requests.
This snowboard is so damn fun that the do-anything, go-anywhere Birds of a Feather is ready to change your riding forever.
With a medium flex that's easy to turn, this hybrid-camber, all-terrain performer has inspired countless knockoffs chasing its
success. The Birds of a Feather breaks down industry barriers with a comprehensive size range, including an expanded
dedicated wide offering for women with larger boot sizes.
Are you ready to progress and experience snowboarding at new heights this season? If so, the Birds of a Feather is for you.