Razors Cult All Star Aggressive Inline Skates

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Product Overview

The Cult All Star takes inspiration from one of our favorite pieces of footwear, featuring black boots with a white toecap and soul. Shipped complete with GC FLT3 Frames, new GC 57mm/92A Wheels, Razors cuff with buckle stash, and Razors Cult Liner. Still a solid choice for beginner to advanced skaters.


The new GC Lite wheel has been extensively tested and is easily our best stock wheel to ever come complete on a Cult skate.


Cult Shell with Citrus Highlights

Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates

Replaceable Cuff with 'buckle stash'

GC FLT3 Frames & 57mm/92A GC Lite Wheels

Classic Cult Liner